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We take service personally

When you have your car serviced at Volvo Cars Poole, we make a pledge to you. It's called the Volvo Service Promise - and it guarantees an unbeatable combination of quality, reassurance and expertise. First, your personal service advisor will deal with any of your questions and make sure you get to where you need to go. Our expert technicians will then give your car a full health check including a free software upgrade to ensure that it's performing at its best. Finally, we'll provide you with 12 months' complimentary Volvo Roadside Assistance and a car wash.


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Volvo Personal Service - A Life Less Complicated

A new approach to service that takes care of you as well as it takes care of your car.  

A faster simpler service

We've come up with a new approach to servicing your car. An approach that's faster and more efficient. Now, our expert technicians work in teams like a racing car pit stop - which means most services will be completed with in the hour. So, you might as well just wait and relax while we work. 

Make the best use of your time

While you're waiting for your car you are welcome to use our Living Room. A comfortable lounge with free Wi-Fi, refreshments, and magazines - everything you need to help make the best use of your time. And before you know it, your car will be serviced, washed, and ready to get back out on the road. 

Your own personal technician 

Soon, all Volvo owners will have their very own Personal Service Technician who'll take care of everything to do with their car - from booking appointments to carrying out the service. And as you'll deal with the same technician each time, they'll get to know you as well as your car. 


Health Check

We do everything we can to make your car Volvo as safe as possible. And to make sure it stays that way we're offering to carry out a 30-point health check of your Volvo. This 40-minute inspection will make sure your Volvo continues to deliver the highest standards of safety for you and your passengers.

Our Volvo trained technicians inspect all the mechanical elements of your car and connect it to our diagnostic system - to check the parts you can see and the ones you can't. We'll also be able to let you know about any software upgrades available for your model direct from the Volvo factory in Sweden.

Your vehicle will also be returned washed and vacuumed free of charge. For that extra peace of mind, book your health check today and visit out Volvo Garage.

Volvo Health Check